Tungsten Weights, Tips and Tricks every angler needs to know.

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Tungsten Weights, Tips and Tricks every angler needs to know.

Most anglers are aware of the fact that tungsten weights increase sensitivity and have a smaller profile. What they do not think about is the fact that the density of tungsten carbide makes it extremely hard. Most of the weights on the market are 97% pure tungsten carbide. The reason you do not see 100% Tungsten is because it is very brittle and hard to form and finish. Iron and nickel are common elements that make up the other 3%.This same hardness that makes them compact and sensitive, causes an extreme stress on your line.

Dalton Tungsten weights have diamond polished holes for your line to slide through. Even though they are extremely smooth the hardness of the tungsten still wears on your line and knot more than a lead weight would. Checking your line and retying often are highly recommended. 

These days you see a lot of flippers using bobber stops to peg their weights. Even though they keep your weight from sliding up your line, the weight still spins on your line. I personally like the T stop type pegs that are pulled through the weight and cut off once it is in place.  This eliminates the tungsten from constantly moving around on your line and knot. If you are concerned about the bait hanging straight, don't push the tungsten all the way down on top of the knot. When you retie or change weights, simply use a hook point to pull the rubber peg out of your weight. 

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